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These braces are made of high grade stainless steel and used for many years. However, recently used metal braces are much more esthetic, comfortable and smaller then the previous ones...

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Adult Orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment is not only limited with children but also adults can have their teeth straightened. One of every five patients in our clinic is over 21...

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Orthognathic Surgery

Orthognathic surgery is a treatment option in severe bite problems and jaw discrepancies. If you need orthodontic and surgery treatment your orthodontist...

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Treatment Timing

Treatment timing depends on the individual stuation of the patient. Many people can have an orthodontic treatment at any age. However, there are some orthopeadic problems that can be fixed...

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Other Appliances

when upper jaw is narrow this kind of rapid palatal expander is used to widen the jaw. By doing this we gain space to correct the irregularities in th ejaw as well as we...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is orthodontics?
Who is the orthodontist?
What is the best age for orthodontic treatment?
If I wear a bracket, I should brush my teeth more than 2 times a day?

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  • About Us

    Orthodontics is not just my profession, but my passion. I love what I do from start to finish, bu t definitely the most rewarding part of my work is the beatiful smiles at the end of the journey!” Dr. Sultan ÖLMEZ GÜRLEN was born in İzmir on 08.29.1982, and at 2000 she graduated from Ege University, School of Dentistry. She started her PhD at the same university. She completed her specialization in Orthodontics by her thesis named “Evaluation of maxillary distraction osteogenesis in patients with cleft lip and palate using finite element method”.... Read More